About Us


Action for Environmental Sustainability (AfES) was established in February 2007 and is registered by The NGO Board of Malawi, The Council for Non-Governmental organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA) and the government of Malawi as a non-governmental organization under the trustees Incorporation act.

The Organization is also governed by five members of trustees who execute various duties powered by the constitution of the organization and a separate management structure which is headed by the Executive Director.

AfES has its main office in Blantyre, southern region of Malawi and sub offices in the central and northern region of Malawi where it is implementing its initiatives.

Our Mission

To address environmental degradation and poverty in communities of Malawi.

Our Vision

To achieve improved wellbeing and a sustainable environment for everyone.

Thematic Areas

Natural Resources Management and Biodiversity Conservation

Major activities

  • Source of non timber product s eg mushrooms, edible fruits, thatch grass/fodder, art and craft materials
  • Integral for water catchment and wetland management 

Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation

Major activities

  • Nursery establishment
  • Woodlot establishment and management
  • Tending of naturally regenerates
  • development & implementation of adaptation plans,
  • conservation agriculture ( gully reclamation, river bank rehabilitation,
  • composting
  • contour farming
  • establishment of vetiver grass nurseries
  • Environmental awareness
  • Capacity building in natural resources management

Agriculture, Nutrition and food security

Major activities

  • Agroforestry, conservation agriculture (gully reclamation, river bank rehabilitation, composting
  • ridge alignment and stabilization with vetiver grass
  • contour farming
  • construction of check dams
  • small scale irrigation
  • water harvesting –(swalleys)
  • Alternative livelihood (promoting income generating activities such as bee keeping, VS&L, Business management, production and economic use of eco stoves)

Water, Sanitation and Hygeine

Major activities

  • Promotion of access to clean drinking water sources.
  • Personal hygiene education.
  • Environmental sanitation.

Our Team

Daniel Mwakameka

Executive Director

Henry Kadzuwa

Finance Manager

Ipyana Mwankonda

Finance Officer

Walter Mwachande

Program Coordinator

Thokozire Soko

Monitor & Evaluation Coordinator

Elton Kunjirima

Project Manager

Grace Kaminyoghe

Project Manager

Christina Joseph

Administrative Assistant